Student Apartments for Rent in Orlando FL – is living close to campus important to you?

Campus location search

As a student, you may be new to renting in the Orlando Fl area. The thought of finding good (safe) rental accommodation in a decent and affordable location can be a daunting task. Trust us, we have been there. It’s especially tough if you’ve just moved from one side of the country to the unfamiliar other side – or even moved from overseas!

So if searching for off-campus accommodation is something you need, it’s a good idea to start honing in on the suburbs around your university campus which suit your weekly budget (allowing for rent payments, cost of living, utilities, etc).

Use A Map Search

First you should search for properties in nearby places that are important to you. That might be close to your university campus, but it could also be the local gym, the train station or easy enough it’s  quick breeze to get to campus.

 A few things to consider when looking to move:

Can I afford to move?

Your ability to pay for accommodation is going to vary depending on your financial situation. Is the option you have in mind within your budget? Can you see yourself sustaining payments for this accommodation over a longer period? You might find some decent properties at the higher end of the rent scale, but if a big bill comes up that needs payment urgently, this can make life difficult. However there are a few living scholarships out there  and can also search for a roommate or group setting with more roommates.

A common mistake students make when comparing student accommodation options is forgetting to factor in the cost of utility bills. A private rental may seem to be a cheaper option than student accommodation or home-stay, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of your utilities – things like water, gas, electricity and internet. If you rent further away from your campus, you may need to look at buying a car, and cars have their own associated costs.

Is location important for me? 

For students, one of the most crucial considerations when choosing student accommodation is location. What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Would you like to be able to walk to campus? Or would you prefer to drive? Look at the public transport options in the area to help you make a decision.

Will this shared accommodation option suit my lifestyle?

If you love peace, quiet and time to yourself, you might not love the idea of living in a house of 4-5 people. In this case, it could be worth adding a little to your budget to find somewhere with less people. Do you have any specific requests for your next move? Is it important that you’re close to a gym, or do you need easy access to a train station?

Are you are ready to commit to this accommodation option?

If you’re planning to rent and sign a lease, or sign an agreement with your institution, you should consider whether it’s something that you want to commit to. Consider (and reconsider) the people you choose to live with – are they the people you want to live with for the long-term?

You can ask CollegeVida for help in any situation or search our  resources to get the best advice needed when moving or searching for a place near your college campus.