Credit, credit, credit…in today’s world you need good credit to purchase just about anything, even for employment!  Start building your credit now – make wise choices.  Building good credit is essential.  Start by selecting a credit card that offers no annual fees, awards you cashback options on purchases and any other perks.

Build your credit by making some “small” purchases (i.e. gas, food, toiletries) and pay your bill when it is due!  Of course, having a credit card is a good option for unforeseen emergencies like car repairs or doctor visits (hopefully you can stay healthy) but just knowing that you have that option is a relief.

But remember, you are establishing good credit, so do not go shopping for those new Jordan’s or Red Bottom shoes! You have to be smart and practice self-discipline.

Always do your due diligence and research credit card options that work for you and your specific needs.  Here are some credit card options specifically for College students:

Credit Cards

Capital One

Discover Card