Let’s face it, college is expensive so you need to find ways to help your financial crisis.  Starting with your living expenses.  Living with roommates can be a big help for everyone involved.  Colleges with dorms already take the guess work out of  having to find a roommate.  Some Private colleges offer roommate assistance.  If not, your on your own and this can be stressful.


Living with a stranger(s) can be fun, scary, and adventurous.  Selecting a roommate(s) is a personal matter.


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Set-up a meet-and-greet in a public space and bring a friend (never agree to meet anyone alone).
  • Have a list of questions ready to go over during your meet-and-greet.  You should discuss anything and everything related to sharing space that is important to everyone involved (common areas, cleaning schedules, visitors, social habits, etc.)..
  • How will your roommate(s) pay for their financial portion (rent, utilities, etc.).
  • Pets (be mindful that extra monthly charges apply for pets).
  • Visitors – there has to be a clear understanding of visitors and respect for everyone(s) view when it comes to having visitors (or parties).  Never share keys with visitors.  Only you and roommate(s) should have keys.
  • Communication is key to making any situation work!  Never assume anything and talk about everything.
  • Safety!  You should share at least one family member’s contact information (post on fridge) in case of an emergency.
    Someone in your family should be aware of whom your roommate(s) are.
  • Everything that is discussed and agreed upon should be stated on a written document with everyone’s signature.
  • Background checks!  This is another resource if you want an extra “security” measure to know exactly who you may be sharing living space with.  If someone does not agree or feel comfortable with having you do a BG check…this could be a “sign” and you may want to reconsider this roommate(s).