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    We are not responsible for yours or others actions so please be nice and lawful. Discrimination is not nice and not lawful. Preferences can be made if you are sharing a living space, but make sure you check the laws to see what applies to you. Fair Housing – US HUD

    Our team makes calls each month to apartment owners and property managers, collecting and verifying availability, rental rates, pet policies, fees, leasing incentives, and concessions. Our goal is to have the best source for college students when it comes to roommates and housing. Our features lets users search for apartment or house vacancy near a specific college.

    Email: support@collegevida.com
    Address: PO Box 781106 Orlando 32878

    Collegevida might cross the three thousand miles from Orlando to Boston in search of the best places to live at the best price as a college student, we are college students just like you are and have been in the same search as you are.


    We are NOT officially affiliated with any college, city, state, etc, although we would like to be. If there is any way in which we can help support students and others, let us know and we will be happy to try and do so.

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