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N Santiago

The realization that my daughter (my baby girl), would be attending college and would be out of my sight for four years was heart-wrenching.  I knew I had to let her spread her wings, yet that does not come without fear and concerns.

Although she decided to attend a private college in-state, student housing was not an option. I was on a mission to find her safe and affordable living accommodations.  “Not so easy,” we visited dozens of apartment communities/neighborhoods, which was extremely stressful and time-consuming.

My personal college experience with my daughter became my passion, My Why.  I asked myself, what if I could help other families avoid experiencing the same issues we did?  That is why I created CollegeVida.  A TRUSTED, one-stop-shop platform for students and families with their college housing needs. We are here to help college students find apartments close to their college.

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